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The church of San Lorenzo (English)

Updated to: 08/04/2022

The church of San Lorenzo, which is the main religious building in the north-western area of the city centre, began to be built in 1280 on behalf of the Conventual Franciscans.

On the outside, the church features a clay-brick false front, divided into two band courses and marked by Andriolo de’ Santi’s 14th-century majestic portal.

The building has been expanded, changed and restored, and this, especially in the 19th century, led to many works of art being moved, even outside the church.

In the church, divided into three groin vaulted naves, important paintings and sculptures are kept. Among others, the Monument to Giambattista Porto and Vincenzo Scamozzi’s cenotaph in the counter façade; the 16th-century Gualdo Altar and the Deposition by Luca Giordano (late 17th century reproduction) in the right-hand nave; the late 15th-century Altar Pojana in the right arm of the transept; the series of sculptures by Antonino da Venezia with the Madonna and Child with St Peter and St Paul in the minor left-hand chapel; the Madonna with Child and Saint Anthony of Padua by Giulio Carpioni and the Canati and Piovene altars in the left-hand nave.

The city of Vicenza bought the church in 1836 after Napoleon’s repression, becoming its owner.

The Conventual Franciscans left the church in 2017. From 5th October 2018, San Lorenzo is currently run by Diocesi of Vicenza.

As the church of Santa Corona, the church of San Lorenzo too is equipped with tactile maps for sight-impaired people.

(Sponsored by Sandrigo’s Rotaract club as promoter, together with the Rotaract clubs in Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Cittadella and Arzignano and manufactured by Incisoria Vicentina in partnership with Vicenza’s Unione Italiana Ciechi (Italian Blinds Union) and Vicenza’s Department of Participation (assessorato alla partecipazione))

Where and when


The church of San Lorenzo

Address: Piazza San Lorenzo 4

Phone: +39 0444321960

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  • working days: 9.30am - 12pm, 3.30pm - 6pm
  • holidays: 10am - 10.45am, 3.30pm - 6pm

Celebrations and moments of prayer

  • working days: 8.30am morning prayer; 9am Holy Mass; 6pm rosary prayer; 6.30pm evening prayer
  • holidays: 9am, 11am and 18.30pm

Visits are suspended during celebrations

Apse’s garden

  • May-Sep,  Fri-Sun, 9am - 8pm