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The Basilica Palladiana is a symbolic building of Vicenza, north-eastern Italy. It is well-known for the loggia on orders of serlians, designed by the great architect Andrea Palladio, which surrounds the medieval Palazzo della Ragione, and became heritage of Unesco in 1994.
Between 2007 and 2012, the Basilica was restored thanks to the essential contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Verona Vicenza Belluno and Ancona. It has been reopened on October 5th 2012, in conjunction with the great exhibit “Raffaello verso Picasso. Storie di sguardi, volti e figure”.
On May 9
th 2014, the Basilica Palladiana became a National Monument thanks to the draft law approved on March 27th 2014 during its deliberation by the Culture Committee of the Senate. On May 5th 2014, during the Basilica Palladiana’s restore, it has been assigned in Vienna the “European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/ 2014 Europa Nostra Award” for the cultural heritage preservation.


From 12 May to 2 September 2018 in the hall: exhibition "David Chipperfiel Architets Works 2018", admission ticket.

Ways to visit the monument (terrace, loggia and hall)

For more info about opening times and ticket prices, please refer to the page:,47267

Guided tours of the Archeological site of “Corte dei Bissari”

In the basements of the Basilica Palladiana it is possible to visit the Archeological site of “Corte dei Bissari”, enjoying guided tours given by professional archeologists.

The archaeological area allows visitors to immerse themselves in the living reality of a distant but crucial epoch to better understand the events that preceded the Palladian Renaissance. Not only ancient stored structures have been recovered, but also a selection of archeological materials retrieved during the excavation, shown in some reserved showcases, respectively, to the Protohistoric Age (VII-II century B.C.), to the first Romanization (II-I century B.C.), and to the Roman and Late Roman Age (I-V century A.D.). One showcase, located at the Langobardic burial reconstruction, keeps a precious golden cross. Thus, the site includes most of Vicenza history, from its foundation, made by the ancient Venetians, to the Renaissance, and also the main attraction, that generates much interest, a residential area urban reconstruction of the ancient Vicetia, at that time adjacent to the city forum.
The archeological site is 150 square meters and has a walkway, from which is possible to see, through the transparent glass floor, the remains of the original Roman road. The path also provides related explanatory materials with titles, subtitles, and captions, also in English.

Visits, for maximum of 20 people, are available only with advance reservations.
To book the tours, please contact Ardea, museum education association, at 3473938172, and

Jewellery Museum

This museum is the first in Italy and one of the few worldwide to be dedicated exclusively to jewellery. The Jewellery Museum (, a permanent museum space of 410 square metres inside the Palladian Basilica, is a project first developed by Italian Exhibition Group in partnership with the City Council of Vicenza.
The new Museum, offers an original, varied aesthetic and educational jewellery experience, enhancing items with ancient origins, deeply rooted in human culture.

Phone 0444320799, email:, website:


For the exclusive use of the terrace (for a maximum of 150 people), the loggia (for a maximum of 350 people), the hall on the noble floor (for a maximum of 300 people) and the Domus Comestabilis room (for a maximum of 50 people), please refer to the cultural and growth promoting sector (email: number 0444222122 - fax  0444222155).
Prices and forms available at:
When the Basilica Palladiana is open to the public, it is possible to organize small events (such as birthdays, aperitifs and anniversaries), which do not require the exclusive use of the monumental spaces. It is also possible to book tables on the terrace, which will be located beyond the bar (the long side towards Piazza delle Erbe and the one facing piazzetta Palladio until the bar).
Rates to book small spaces on the terrace available on: (the cost of food and drinks is not included and it has to be arranged with the manager of the bar).
However, all the guests are requested to pay the admission ticket, unless they own a membership card.
Info and booking: 320 6917444.

Celebration of civil weddings and civil unions

It is possible to book the terrace or the Domus Comestabilis room to celebrate civil weddings or civil unions in the Basilica.

For more info:

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Webcam on the Basilica and piazza dei Signori


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