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Vicenza for Ukraine

Aggiornato al: 03/05/2022

Vicenza for Ukraine 

Useful information for people arriving, hosting or donating

Informazioni utili per chi arriva, per chi ospita, per chi dona

What must I do as soon as I arrive in Vicenza?

Follow the health directions provided by Aulss 8 Berica at the link
(Covid, healthcare...)


What should I do if I am hosted by relatives or friends in Vicenza?

Your host must submit within 48 hours the Declaration of hospitality of non-EU foreigners to the Vicenza Police Station, following the directions provided at the link
and filling in the form published at the link

Platform to apply for subsistence allowance

You came to Italy from Ukraine and applied for a residence permit for temporary protection? Through this platform you can apply for a subsistence contribution for yourself, for your children, and for the minors you have legal guardianship of.

How can I offer hospitality, work and help to Ukrainian refugees?

Follow the directions of the Veneto Region at the link
(fundraising, form to provide hospitality/work...)


Who do I contact for additional information?

Contact the telephone desk “A Vicenza non sei solo at 0444221020
Monday to Friday 9 to 12 – Tuesday and Thursday from 15:30 to 17:30 as well.
More details at the link,250025