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Italian language courses for foreigners (english)

Updated to: 20/04/2022

In order for foreign citizens to integrate into Italian society, it is important that they can speak Italian. This enables them to become part of their local community and to communicate effectively – to express themselves and to understand others.
By law, foreigners must show that they know Italian to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) level A2 provided for in Ministerial Decree 4 June 2010 valid for long-term residence permit and an A2 level test valid for the verification of the Integration Agreement.

Who must take the A2-level Italian language test:

  • foreign citizens seeking a long-term EC residence permit (the former residence card);

  • foreigners arriving in Italy after 10 March 2012 who have signed the “Integration Agreement” and must learn Italian in 24 months.

How to do it

To take the test, you must connect to the Interior ministry website
Faq and helpdesk
After you have registered, the ministry will tell you when and where to take your test.


If you have already gained an A2-level qualification in Italian after attending an Italian language course at the CPIAs, then you do not have to take the test.

In Vicenza, tests are held in the Centri provinciale di istruzione degli adulti (Cpia) where italian language courses are also carried out.

Other bodies and associations that carry out Italian language courses without providing the certification valid for the EC residency permit for long term residents (ex residence card):

  • Free courses open all year round:
    Il Mezzanino, contra' Fascina 13/15 (behind the main post office), tel. 0444326520, email:
  • Free courses for women only, from September to June:
    Porta Aperta, borgo Scroffa 18 (Araceli parochial house), tel. 0444514438 , email:

Free courses open to all
Circoscrizione 7 zona Ferrovieri via Vaccari 107 from October to May on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 11am
For information
contact person Margherita Frizzarin cell. 3391871031

Where and when

Provincial Adult Education Centers (Cpia) of Vicenza East

First level secondary school Barolini

Address: Via Palemone 20

Phone: 04441813190


Opening hours:

from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 1pm

Website: Cpia Vicenza

Provincial Adult Education Centers (Cpia) di Vicenza West

First level secondary school Ambrosoli

Address: Via Bellini 106

Phone: 04441813193


Opening hours:

form Monday to Friday from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Website: Cpia Vicenza