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Tourism tax for the city of Vicenza (English)

Updated to: 04/02/2022

The tourist tax is due until 31 December 2021, whereas, from 1 January 2022 to 30 April 2022, it has been suspended by resolution no. 84 of 15/12/2021 of the Municipal Council, given the persistence of the Covid-19 emergency and with a view to boosting the recovery of the tourist/hospitality sector.

Decree-Law No. 34 of 19/05/2020, converted into Law No. 77 of 20/07/2020, has amended the role of Hotel Manager, laying down, in Article 180, that "the manager of the accommodation facility is liable for payment of the tourist tax ... with right of recourse against the taxable persons", i.e. the guests who stay overnight at the hotel. 

This amendment results in substantial changes in the criminal, civil, and administrative-fiscal fields. The Manager, moreover, must submit electronically, by 30 June of the following year, an annual statement pursuant to the instructions to be provided by ministerial decree.

The foregoing is without prejudice to the obligations laid down by law and by Municipal Regulations.

The Manager, as person liable for the payment, must pay the tourist tax to the Municipality regardless of payment by his own guests: any refusal by the guest to pay the tax is no longer relevant.

A Hotel Manager, therefore, operates as person liable for the tax, becoming personally bound to make payment with possible recourse against the taxable persons, i.e. against those who stay overnight at the facility managed by him.

What is the good of tourism tax

Tourism tax aims at financing intervention in the area of tourism, including those supporting accommodation facilities, maintenance works, protection and recovery of local cultural and environmental assets and local public services.

Who is the tourism tax taxable person

Tax tourism has to be paid by those people who, even though not residents in Vicenza, stay overnight in the accommodations facilities as well as the properties set aside for short-term leasing referred to in art. 4 of Decree Law No. 50 of 24/04/2017, converted into Law No. 96 of 21/06/2017, situated in the municipal territory, for a maximum of 5 overnights per person/per month,

Tourism tax is proportionate per person and night and it is commensurate with the price stay and the available services provided by the accommodation facilities. Day-use is therefore excluded from the tourist tax

Practical example: if a couple stay in a double room for a cost of more than 25, each of them should pay 2 per day for a maximum of 5 consecutives or non-consecutives days. This occurs because the tourism tax is proportionate to person and night (as established in the article 5 paragraph 2 of the municipal regulations) commensurate with the room price range.

Tourism tax payment exempts are:

  • children under the age of 14;
  • the sick and those who assist patients admitted to health care facilities within the municipal territory (one carer for each patient);
  • bus drivers and tour guides assisting groups organized by travel and tourist agencies;
  • police forces, local police and fire brigades who stay for service requirements;
  • religious people at religious houses of hospitality;
  • people with disabilities who are not self-sufficient and their carer.

These people become exempts from the tourism tax payment after showing a self-certification for each exemption seeker, pointing out the reason why that exemption has been required.

How much is the tax

By resolution no. 84 of 15/12/2021 of the Municipal Council, the tourist tax rates already in force have been confirmed.

For campgrounds, hostels and boarding schools steered by religious people: fixed tax of 0.50€ per person per night.

For extra-hotels facilities such as rooms for rent, accommodations, B&B, residences, short-term leasing, and other structures: 2€ per person per night.

For the organized groups made up of more than 20 paying people, tourism tax is divided into two categories:

  • first category: a tax equal to 0.50€ per person per stay (in rooms up to 25€ per person);
  • Second category: a tax equal to 1€ per person per stay (in rooms ranging from 25.01 to 55* €)

* If the cost is higher than 55€ per person per stay, the tax provided for individual guests will be employed.

For the individual guests of the hotels, the tax is equal to:

  • 1€ per person ( for a stay in rooms up to 15€ per person per night);
  • 1.50€ per person (for a stay in rooms ranging from 15.01€ to 25€ per person per night);
  • 2€ per person (for a stay in rooms ranging from 25.01€ to 70€ per person per night);
  • 2.50€ per person (for a stay in room ranging from 70.01€ to 130€ per person per night);
  • 3€ per person (for a stay in rooms of more than 130€ per person per night).

How to pay

The tax has to be deposit to the accommodation facility manager along with the amount intended for the stay.

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