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Opening a new shop - neighbourhood businesses (english)

Updated to: 12/11/2021

A neighbourhood business is defined as a commercial activity with a sales surface area that does not exceed 250 m².
The sales surface area of a retail business is the area used for sales, including the portions occupied by counters, shelves, etc and the display area; but it does not include spaces used as warehouses, storage spaces, point-of-sale displays, processing areas, offices and bathroom facilities.
The opening of a business, expansion or reduction of the surface area, change of product sector, relocation, or taking over an existing neighbourhood business (not located within large or medium retail structures as defined in article 18, paragraph 2, of L.R.(Regional Law) 50/2012), all require that a Scia (certified notification of business start-up) be submitted , pursuant to article 19 of Law no.241 of 7 August 1990.
All documents must be submitted online to the Municipal SUAP office through the national portal Paper forms and documents will no longer be accepted.
In cases where an absence of the conditions and requirements needed to carry on the business is verified, the Council administration, within 60 days from the filing of the Scia, will adopt justified measures prohibiting continuation of the activity and removing its effects, unless, where possible, the party concerned takes steps to make the activity and its effects comply with the legislation in force within a timeframe established by the administration.
The temporary or permanent cessation of a business activity must be communicated through the website

Requirements for entering the retail business



The form can be found on the website: and can be filled in on line.

Declaration for Companies’ Registry endorsement of antiques and/or second-hand objects

To trade in antiques and/or second-hand objects with a value in excess of EUR 250, an obligation to keep a register of transactions has been laid down by Article 128 of the Consolidated Text on Public Security Laws (TULPS) and Article 247 of the Implementing Regulation.

This register may be self-endorsed by affixing the stamp of the shop, alternatively, it may be endorsed at the one-stop advisory centre for productive activities (SUAP) of the Municipality of Vicenza – Fixed Trade Office, after sending the "Declaration for endorsement of registers", to be sent only electronically through the: portal. Receipt of due submission, attached to the register, must be kept.

A photocopy of the declarant’s identity document must be annexed to the declaration (foreign citizens must also produce a photocopy of the residence permit), together with the power of attorney if the company does not have a digital signature and/or a certified email address.

The Fixed Trade Office checks whether the requirements legitimising the exercise of the activity have been met within 60 days from date of receipt of the relevant report. Within the same time, it will issue an order prohibiting continuation of the activity if the aforementioned requirements are not met.

To trade in precious objects or precious metals or objects including precious stones, second-hand as well, a licence must necessarily be obtained from the Police Commissioner and endorsement of the sales register must be sought.

Retail activities not subject to trade regulations

The proprietors of pharmacies, resellers of motor fuels and resellers of monopoly goods, in order to sell products that are not medicines or fuels or monopoly goods, must submit a certified notification of business start-up (Scia).


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Where and when

Fixed shop retailer office

Palazzo degli Uffici

Address: piazza Biade 26

Phone: 0444221630 (available monday, wednesday and friday 8.30-10, tuesday and thursday 8.30 -12.30)


Opening hours:

  • Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12.30 pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 4.30 pm to 6 pm

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