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Aire (english)

Updated to: 26/09/2023

Aire is the registry of the Italian population residing abroad.
It contains the data of those Italian citizens who stated that they resided abroad for more than a year. Each Italian municipality has its own Aire, and registration is compulsory.

Who must register with Aire

    • Italian citizens who intend to transfer their residence abroad from an Italian Municipality for a period in excess of one year;
    • Italian citizens, born and residing outside the national territory, whose birth certificate has been transcribed in Italy and whose Italian citizenship has been ascertained by the competent consular office of residence;
    • Foreign citizens who acquire Italian citizenship abroad and continue to reside there.

How to do it

How and where to register with Aire

The application for registration with Aire must be submitted by the interested party to the jurisdictionally competent Italian Embassy or Consulate abroad, using the FAST IT online portal within 90 days from date of expatriation.
The Authority approached by the citizen will then forward the necessary documentation to the
Italian Municipality of his last residence. Cancellation from the register of resident population and registration with Aire will take place within two days from receipt of the consular form. Registration with Aire is effective from date of submission of the application to the Embassy or Consulate (Decree-Law of 22/2019).

Alternatively, before expatriating, the
Italian citizen who is applying for registration with Aire can declare the transfer of his residence abroad to the Italian Municipality where he last resided, making exclusive use of the special  statement of relocation abroad form Within 90 days from his arrival abroad, he is in any event obliged to submit the declaration of expatriation to the competent Embassy or Consulate through the FAST IT online portal.

Accordingly, registration with Aire will only be completed after the interested party has registered his residence at the competent Italian Embassy or Consulate, which will send to the Municipality of last residence the ministerial form to apply for such registration. In that case, cancellation from the register of resident population and registration with Aire will start to run from the date on which the interested party has submitted his declaration of expatriation to the Municipality and will be implemented within two days from receipt of the consular form. If, within one year, the Municipality has not received from the Embassy or Consulate the application for registration with Aire, the procedure for cancellation of the applicant due to unavailability will be set into motion.

The form must be filled out in all its parts and signed by the applicant, specifying in particular the residential address abroad, the reference Embassy or Consulate, and his own contact details (email or telephone); attaching the identity document of the applicant or the persons who are transferring their residence together with him. If they are of age, such persons will have to sign the form.

It can be lodged with the registry office of the Municipality of last residence subject to prior appointment, or sent to the under-mentioned municipal addresses by registered letter or electronically (ordinary or certified email).

Updating Aire data

The task of updating personal Aire data rests on the Italian citizen residing abroad, who, within 90 days at the most, must notify the jurisdictionally competent Italian consulate of:

    1. the transfer of his residence and the new address, in a correct and comprehensive manner, according to the postal rules of the country of residence;
    1. the civil registry changes for the transcription of the relevant deeds in Italy (marriages, births, divorces, deaths, etc.);
    1. his definitive return to Italy;
    1. the loss of Italian citizenship.

Transfer of registration: from the Aire of one Municipality to another

It is possible to transfer registration from the Aire of one Italian Municipality to another where the interested party has family members registered in the registry of the latter Municipality. "Family members" denote the unseparated spouse and children under the age of eighteen.
It is possible to register with or transfer the registration to the Aire of the
Municipality of birth (rather than that of last residence) if the interested party has obtained registration in the electoral lists of that Municipality.

Cancellation from Aire

The cancellation from Aire is caused by:

    • repatriation to Italy and registration in the registry of resident citizens;
    • death;
    • loss of Italian citizenship;
    • presumed unavailability, unless contrary proof is adduced.

Law 470/1998 lays down cancellation for presumed unavailability:

    • after the lapse of one hundred years from the person’s birth;
    • after two censuses with negative outcome;
    • when the foreign address is no longer updated;
    • when for two consecutive elections the electoral card is returned to sender.

Consulate offices

The list of Italian consulates that can be approached is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Where and when

Municipal Register Office (Ufficio Anagrafe)

Palazzo degli Uffici

Address: piazza Biade 26

Phone: 0444221411 e 0444221409 (only from Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 1 pm)



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