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Housing fitness certificate (english)

Aggiornato al: 07/02/2018

Citizens from countries outside the European Union applying:

  • for family members to join them in Italy;
  • to provide temporary accommodation;
  • to provide temporary accommodation for work purposes;
  • for the renewal of a residence permit and/or to obtain an EC residence card for long-term residents;

must obtain a housing fitness certificate stating, according to the parameters established by Veneto regional law for public housing accommodation, how many people can live in the building, in relation to the surface of the compartments.

Net floor area of the apartment

  • minimum 28 sqm to 46 sqm: 1 person;
  • from 46 sqm to 60 sqm: 2 persons;
  • from 60 sqm to 70 sqm: 3 persons;
  • from 70 sqm to 85 sqm: 4 persons;
  • from 85 sqm to 95 sqm: 5 persons;
  • from 95 sqm to 110 sqm: 6 persons;
  • over 110 sqm: more than 6 persons.

The reference parameters are set out in resolution n. 426/2009 of the City Council which also indicates the ipotesi of derogation to the parameters established by the regional law n. 10/1996.

What to do

When applying for family members to join you in Italy: housing fitness certificates are issued only by AUlss8 Berica at the Servizio Igiene e Sanità Pubblica (Vicenza Health and Social-care Department no. 6 at the Public Health and Hygiene Service)

When applying for a housing fitness certificate to provide temporary accommodation or temporary accommodation for work purposes, or to renew a residence permit and/or EC residence card for long-term residents: contact the Social and Housing Services Department (Settore Servizi Sociali e Abitativi) to obtain a standard application form and the postal current account payment slips.

Application form


Documents to be provided with your application:

  • receipt for payment of € 50 via postal current account; 
    no. 12115366 payable to Comune di Vicenza, servizi Sociali, servizio di Tesoreria, - reason for payment: idoneità alloggio (housing fitness certificate) – 0044501;
  • photocopy of residence permit;
  • photocopy of your rental agreement or the title deeds of your accommodation;
  • 2 revenue stamps of € 16 each.


Where and when

Settore Patrimonio, espropri e servizi abitativi
Contra' Busato 19
Tel. 0444221106
Opening hours, call 0444 221106 to make an appointment We can see you on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 12.30 pm, or on Tuesday from 4.30 pm to 6 pm

AUlss 8 Berica, servizio Igiene e sanità pubblica (Health and Social-care Department, Public Health and Hygiene Service )
Via IV Novembre 46
Opening hours: Monday and Wednesday from 9.30 am to 11.30 am
el. 0444752235


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