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Free wifi (english)

Aggiornato al: 27/04/2016

The City of Vicenza, in collaboration with Confcommercio, Telemar, Aim Servizi a Rete Srl, Confindustria Vicenza and Tiscali offer free wifi access in several areas of the city.
The service is available for wifi capable PDAs, tablets, smartphones and laptops.
Signage in designated areas and decals on shop windows advertise the presence of a WiFi hotspot.

How to use it

To connect to Free- WIFIPLAZA by Telemar:

Use a wi-fi enabled device to search for the "Free- WIFIPLAZA by Telemar" network. Once connected, open any browser and a landing page will appear automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to register or login. For your first registration simply enter a cell phone number (the phone number masking function must not be activated) and a password. Once you confirm the data and give your consent for the processing of personal data, the system requests you make a phone call from the cell phone number indicated in the registration form to the toll-free number 800.913652. The phone call serves to compare the number making the call to the number entered during the registration and ends automatically after the first ring. If the two numbers correspond a confirmation page will appear and you can login. The initial registration procedure is only required once after which the credentials will remain valid. If you already have authentication credentials, login directly from the landing page by clicking the link. The password is valid in all the areas covered by WiFi Plaza circuit and has an unlimited duration. It will deactivate only if unused for a period of six months. If this occurs, simply repeat the first registration procedure.

In addition Telemar Spa have developed an app for smartphones and tablets that makes hotspot access to the WiFi Plaza circuit automatic and indicates the location of the hotspots.

If you have a smartphone with Android operating system you can visit and download the free application.

If you have an Apple device (iPhone o iPad) visit
and download the free application.


To connect to wi-fiConfindustriaVicenza and wi-fi E4A:

Take your device to a hotspot, view the available wireless networks on your device and select the appropriate network. Once connected to the network, launch the browser and a landing page will appear on the screen. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for requesting login credentials. The system will send you a text message in real time containing your user ID and password so you can begin surfing the net. Once you have used up the total number of hours of internet access offered (or if your password, which is good for a month, elapses), you can register once again to obtain a new packet. You can only register once a day.
The provider offers 2 hours of navigation per day. Any unused minutes will carry over to the next internet access.

To access WiFi free internet Vicenza powered by Tiscali:
Once you are within range select the "VicenzaWiFi" network, launch the browser and follow the sign-up instructions. You will receive a message on your mobile containing the login credentials, that is, your User ID and password, to enter in the Login Page. This registration will be valid for one year and will provide and will provide unlimited 24/7 access.

How to connect to Veneto free WiFi

Project achieved with financing from the Regional Operative Programme, Objective “Regional competitiveness and employment”, part “European Fund for Regional Development” 2007-2013
Priority axis 4, Line of intervention 4.1: Development actions and provision of services and applications for SMEs and local authorities, Action 4.1.2 referred to as “Connecting the zones of the regional territory not yet served by broadband and creating public access points”

Detect the Wifi network "Free- WIFIPLAZA by Telemar" on your terminal and open the browser.
Enter your mobile phone number and a password and click the Login button.
Call the toll-free number 800 913652 which registers your number without answering the call and wait until the confirmation page appears on the browser.
Alternatively send an SMS to the following number +39 366 3327 682 with the text “wifi plaza”.
After a couple of minutes you will receive an SMS containing a password which will enable you to access the system.

For assistance contact the help desk by calling 0444291302 from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6:30 pm

Poster with access instructions



Wifi hotspots in the city centre and outer districts

Map of the WiFi free internet Vicenza locations

The following hotspots available in the city are classified according to the provider (network to select for free access):

Free- WIFIPLAZA by Telemar

  • piazza dei Signori

  • piazza Matteotti

  • piazza S. Lorenzo

  • piazzetta San Biagio

  • piazza del Castello

  • parco delle Fornaci

  • parco Querini north and west ends

  • corso Palladio west and east ends

  • largo Goethe and ponte degli Angeli

  • teatro Olimpico (active in the waiting room and the internal ticket office area)

  • piazza in front of the railway station

  • museo Naturalistico di Santa Corona

  • campo Marzo area in front of the Park in via Verdi

  • campo Marzo (near Caffè Moresco and the "summer beach" area)

  • the university campus in viale Margherita

  • teatro Comunale di Vicenza

  • basilica Palladiana

  • corte dei Bissari

  • contra' del Monte

  • contra' Pescherie

  • contra' Garibaldi

  • str. S. Giacomo (outside Biblioteca Bertoliana)

  • church of Santa Corona – interior (soon to be activated)


Veneto free Wifi coverage

  • Polegge : Wifi coverage of the central zone

  • Riviera Berica: public green space in Via Ischia

  • corso Fogazzaro North end


For technical assistance and alerts: tel. 0444291302 (every day from 8.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.00pm to 6.00pm)



  • giardino Salvi


For technical assistance and alerts: tel. 0444587587 (every day from 8.00am to 8.00pm)


Wi-Fi E4A

  • campo Marzo (in the summer library area)

  • biblioteca Bertoliana

  • piazzale della Vittoria (Monte Berico)


For technical assistance and alerts: tel. 3471893182 (only for sms and is active 24/7); email:


Free Interplanet Wi-fi Star

  • parco Acquatico in via Forlanini


For technical assistance and alerts: tel. 0444699399; email:


WiFi free internet Vicenza powered by Tiscali

  • Mercato Nuovo: public park in via Adenauer - parish complex and the market parking area

  • Santa Bertilla: parish complex of Santa Bertilla and adjacent public park

  • public park in via Strasburgo - viale Europa (partial coverage)

  • San Lazzaro: public areas in via Bellini to the north of the parish complex (service currently not active)

  • centro giovanile Tecchio and park behind in via Da Palestrina

  • quartiere Ferrovieri: parish complex

  • Villaggio del Sole: areas in via Crisoforo Colombo

  • Maddalene: public area and parish complex including between the church and the sporting facilities

  • Sports facilities in via Antonio Rosmini / via Carlo Goldoni

  • San Bortolo: ex Centrale del Latte

  • Laghetto: public green areas in via Lago di Viverone

  • Saviabona: parish complex - Bar alla Baita

  • Ospedaletto   (soon to be activated)

  • Parco Città: park in front of district 4 in via Turra

  • Sant’Andrea: parish complex, piazza and public park in front of the parish complex

  • Villa Tacchi: park

  • Youth Centre Aster 3 (soon to be acivated)


Only inside:

  • biblioteca della Riviera Berica - ex "Fogazzaro" elementary bchool (viale Riviera Berica 631)

  • biblioteca di Villa Tacchi  (viale della Pace 89)

  • biblioteca di Anconetta (via dell'Acqua)

  • biblioteca di Laghetto (via Lago di Fogliano 5)

  • biblioteca del Villaggio del Sole (via Colombo 41)

  • biblioteca dei Ferrovieri  (via Rismondo 2 and via Vaccari 107)


For technical assistance and alerts: tel. 0444 1970040 (every day from 9.00am to 6.30 pm), email:


Link to the pages of the municipal information system sector:




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