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Aire (english)

Aggiornato al: 27/01/2017

Aire is the register of Italian citizens living abroad (Anagrafe della Popolazione Italiana Residente all'Estero).
It contains details of the Italian citizens who have stated that they have been living outside Italy for over a year. Each Italian municipality has its own Aire office; registration on Aire is mandatory.

You must register on Aire if

  • you are an Italian citizen, and you intend to transfer your residence from Italy to another country for over a year;
  • you are an Italian citizen, born and resident outside Italian territory, and your birth certificate has been registered in Italy, and the competent consular office where you live has confirmed that you are an Italian citizen;
  • you are a foreign citizen, and you have obtained Italian citizenship in another country, and you still live there.

How and where to register on Aire

To register on Aire, you must apply to your nearest Italian consulate as soon as possible. By law, you must do so at most 90 days after you leave Italy.
The consulate will then send your details to the Italian municipality where you were last resident. Within 2 days of receiving the paperwork from the consulate, the municipal Registry office will remove you from the register of residents and add you to AIRE. Your registration on AIRE starts from the date when the municipal office receives the paperwork from the consulate.
You can also inform the municipality where you have your residence that you are moving away from Italy, before you leave. To do so, you must use the form provided. You can download one here: form to notify that you are moving abroad. You must then go to the responsible consulate in the other country, at most 90 days after you arrive abroad, to give your declaration of emigration. The consulate will then send the Foreign ministry’s AIRE registration form to the municipality from which you emigrated. Within 2 days of receiving the paperwork from the consulate, the municipal Registry office will remove you from the register of residents and add you to AIRE. Your AIRE registration will start from the date when you gave your declaration of emigration to the Registry office. If the Registry office has not received the AIRE registration form from the consulate within a year, then you will be removed from the municipal records, and your whereabouts will be considered unknown.
By registering on AIRE, you ensure that your records are not removed from your last municipality of residence in Italy because of unknown whereabouts.

Submitting the forms

You must complete, sign and submit the form to the Registry office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of your municipality of residence or to the municipal addresses below. You can use registered letter, fax or email. To use email, you must ensure that:
the declaration is signed with a digital signature certified by an accredited certification body
OR you are identified using your electronic identity card or national services card (carta nazionale dei servizi)
OR the declaration is sent from your certified email (PEC) address
OR the hand-signed declaration and your identity document are scanned and sent by ordinary email.
Besides your declaration, you must provide a copy of your identity document and those of any other people who are transferring their residence with you. These people must also sign the form if they are over 18 years old.
You must fill in the form for yourself and for the people for whom you have parental responsibility or for whom you act as guardian.


Because of article 5, paragraphs 4 and 5, of Decree-Law no. 5/2012 and article 75 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, if you make false statements, then you will lose the benefits that you gained by making them. This means that your residence will be cancelled, and your situation will return to how it was before. Also, the Registry officer will have to report you to the law-enforcement authorities, because what you told us did not match what we found when we checked.
By article 76 of Presidential Decree no. 445/2000, if you make false statements, then you will be punished under the Criminal code and the relevant special laws.

Updating your information on Aire

If you are an Italian citizen living outside Italy, then you are responsible for updating your information on AIRE. You must inform your nearest Italian consulate within 90 days, if:

  1. you transfer your residence (give your new address, correctly and in full, according to the postal regulations in the country where you live);
  2. your civil or family status changes (through marriages, births, divorces, deaths, etc.), so that the relevant records can be updated in Italy;
  3. you return to live in Italy;
  4. you lose your Italian citizenship.

Transferring your aire registration from one italian municipality to another

You can transfer your Aire registration from one Italian municipality to another, as long as you have relatives registered at the Registry office (Anagrafe) or at the Aire at the second municipality. “Relatives” are your spouse (if you are not separated) and your children under 18 years old.
You can register on Aire at the municipality where you were born (instead of the one where you were last resident), or you can transfer your existing Aire registration there, as long as you are registered to vote in that municipality.

Deletion from Aire

You will be removed from AIRE if:

  • you return to Italy and register as a resident;
  • you die;
  • you lose your Italian citizenship;
  • your whereabouts are presumed unknown, without proof to the contrary.

You are removed from Aire on grounds of unknown whereabouts

  • one hundred years after you were born
  • after 2 national censuses in which you did not appear in the records
  • when your overseas address becomes out of date
  • when your voting card has been returned for 2 elections (national or local) in a row.


The list of Italian consulates is continually updated by the Foreign ministry (Ministero degli Affari Esteri) here on the ministry website.

Where and when

Registry office (Ufficio Anagrafe)
Palazzo degli Uffici, piazza Biade 26 (ground floor)
When: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 12.30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm
Tel. +39 (0)444 221 601.
Fax +39 (0)444 221 568

Link to the pages of the municipal register, civil status and electoral office services:

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