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Health and assistance to poorest people (english)

Aggiornato al: 22/03/2017

The Italian Red Cross and the Ulss 8 Berica provide poor people who need some healthcare services with a network of assistance and support. Moreover, in the Villaggio del Sole district, for those who cannot afford health and social security services, there is an outpatient clinic providing free specialist medical care managed by the "Salute Solidale" association of Vicenza together with the Municipality of Vicenza, the Ulss 8 Berica and the Caritas Diocesana Vicentina.

Italian Red Cross

Contra' Torretti 9
Tel. 0444514222, fax 0444301335

General medic practice
Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm

Nursing clinic
from Monday to Friday from 9am to 10:30 am

Ulss 8 Berica

Pediatrict clinic

  • Social Services Health Clinic in via Albinoni
    Monday from 2pm to 5pm
    tel. 0444229520
  • Social Services Health Clinic of contra' SS. Apostoli 21
    Tuesday from 8:30 am to 10:30 am
    tel. 0444752015
  • Social Services Health Clinic in via Giuriato

Adult clinic

Policlinic of contra' Santa Lucia

Medical clinic Villaggio del Sole - via Colombo 7/9

Access to medical care is based on the reports of Caritas Diocesana and the social services of the Municipality of Vicenza, prior consent of the person concerned and through a special set of forms attesting the state of need.
Tel. 3317223842 (active on Monday and Friday from 4pm to 6om, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 12am, Thursday from 1pm to 3pm).