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Vi.Bicipark stazione (english)

Aggiornato al: 06/07/2017

Vi.Bicipark Stazione is a secure parking for bicycles available for citizens and tourist located in the railway station square, and It is accessible from the Metropark car park gate.  It is managed by the cooperative MVenticinque of Vicenza Diocesan Caritas.
Inside Vi.Bicipark Stazione is possible to park your bike and enjoy a small cycle shop services.
At Vi.Bicipark Stazione are also active a video surveillance system, with the cameras directly connected to the local chief of police, and a security service with night patrols.

Bike parking

Vi.Bicipark Stazione can contain 230 bicycles.
In order to enjoy these services, firstly, you have to register at Vi.Bicipark Stazione, when the staff is available, and purchase a special card paying 5€ of deposit, which will be refunded once the card is returned. You access the bike park from the Metropark car park gate. Therefore, to enter the parking lot, you will only need to swipe your card on the card reader. 

It is possible to park your bike at the following fees:

  • Daily deposit: 1€;
  • Monthly subscription: 15€;
  • Bimonthly subscription: 25€;
  • Annual subscription: 150€.

Monthly railway subscribers have the following discounted fees:

  • Monthly subscription: 10€;
  • Bimonthly subscription: 19€;
  • Annual subscription: 110€.

There is also available a carnet subscription, valid for 5 entries, to be used within one year from the purchase, at the cost of 4€.


Starting from the 1st of July up to the 31st of December 2017 the students, holding or not a railway subscription, will benefit from a 50% discount on any Bicipark subscription purchase (monthly, bimonthly and annual).

Cycle shop

Some operators here are available to fix the bikes.
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday: from 8 am to 3.30 pm.

Cycles Marking

Cycles marking consists in incising on the bicycle frame the owner’s fiscal code. Using the latter, in cases of recovery of the bikes, the owner is easily trackable, and he can unequivocally prove his bike’s ownership. The cycles marking, therefore, is also a theft deterrent.
To get your bike marked you need to go to Vi.Bicipark Ponte San Paolo with your health insurance card provided with the fiscal code. You also need to fill in a special form that will be handed to you by the markers. It is also possible to go to the bike parking with the cycle marking form already filled out (link: It should be noted that if you go with your form already filled out, it does not give you any priority to the cycles marking service.
In addition to the cycle marking, the bike’s owner data are inserted for three years into a database, useful for tracking the vehicle in case of loss or theft. At the ending of the three years, if interested, the bike’s owner can let his data to be stored in the database for another three years. However, he will have to apply for that. Otherwise, his data will be automatically erased. 

Cycles marking service opening hours

The second week of each month, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3.30 pm.
At other time slots the service is available at Vi.Bicipark Ponte San Paolo (link:,178049).

Cycles Marking fees

Cycles marking and database data inserting for three years have the following fees:

  • Vi.Bicipark Stazione non-subscribers: 5€;
  • Vi.Bicipark Stazione subscribers: 2€.

To keep the data storing in the database for three more years:

  • Vi.Bicipark Stazione non-subscribers: 2€;
  • Vi.Bicipark Stazione subscribers (three years’ expiration): free.

Where and when

Vi.Bicipark stazione
Piazzale della stazione
Opening hours to the public: every day from 5 am to 12.30 am
The parking lot staff is available in the following days: from Monday to Saturday from 6.30 am to 9.30 am, from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm and from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm; on Sunday and during holidays from 7.30 am to 10.30 am.
Tel: 3510583295

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